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Luxury vinyl plank & tile

Luxury vinyl flooring is a resistant product. The flooring is constructed from solid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which makes it firm but still elastic. This material is durable because it compresses and expands instead of splitting or damaging. Luxury vinyl floor covering product is finished with a long-lasting wear layer or coating of polyurethane. This surface coating gives it maximum durability as well as a foot-friendly feel.

Luxury vinyl technology

Luxury Vinyl flooring is a relatively new technology and is quite distinct from earlier vinyl flooring materials. In addition, Luxury Vinyl can be quickly cleaned with absolutely nothing more than a damp mop.

Maybe equally crucial is the sturdiness and benefit provided, Luxury Vinyl floor designers are excellent style replicators, and thanks to advanced brand-new printing methods, can accurately reproduce wood, ceramic, or natural stone. The design and look of LVT is so precisely like natural floor covering, that some extremely knowledgeable industry experts can't see any distinction from looks alone. Maybe most importantly, luxury vinyl flooring is much less pricey, more durable, and needs less maintenance, making this flooring product an excellent choice for homeowners and their households.

Luxury vinyl floor covering is water-resistant, has two times the lifespan, and is usually guaranteed of the life of laminate flooring. Luxury vinyl floor covering offers some advantages that make it the ideal floor covering choice for home and business owners.