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Flooring Care and Maintenance

Flooring Care And Maintenance

Your new flooring will give you much satisfaction in the years to come, but only if you keep it in great shape. Proper cleaning and maintenance will add years of life to your floor. From simple tips to cleaning solutions, learn how to properly care for your new flooring. Remember, appropriate care and cleaning will protect the investment you have made in your home.

Here are a few tips and common sense precautions and recommendations that will make your relationship with any flooring a long and happy one:

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Carpet Selection


In selecting your color, take the time to look at carpet samples in your home, both by natural daylight and by lamp light in the evening. The color you choose will look different under different lighting conditions. Light colored carpets will show more soil and require more maintenance than darker colors and darker colors of carpeting are more effective in high traffic areas. Multi-colors and patterned carpets such as Berbers and friezes are especially effective in hiding soil.


The performance and quality of a carpet is directly related to the amount and quality of fiber that goes into the pile. The better the fiber and the denser it is packed, the better the carpet will perform. Thin, less dense carpet will lose its surface appearance faster. It is best to purchase the highest quality carpet you can afford. The Knowledgeable and helpful sales staff at Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering will gladly take the time to assist you during your selection process.

Vacuum Regularly

Most dirt, and even dust, takes the form of hard particles. When left in the carpet these gritty and sharp particles abrade the pile of the carpet. Regular vacuuming not only prolongs the life of the carpet but will enhance its appearance as well. Most soiling in carpet is of the dry, particle type which can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner. High-traffic areas should be vacuumed daily. Medium traffic areas should be vacuumed at least two to three times per week while the rest of the house should be vacuumed at least once each week. Your vacuum should be equipped with a rotating brush or beater bar. Be certain that you change the bags often and check the beater bar for burrs and gouges so as not to damage the surface of the carpet. Some thicker or loop pile carpets will fuzz or fray if a rotating brush vacuum is used. In this case, a suction vacuum is recommended.

Preventative Maintenance

The use of walk off mats or runners at all entrances and on uncarpeted areas adjacent to carpet will significantly reduce soil and moisture in traffic areas. Clean mats and any other rugs placed over carpet often. The use of furniture coasters to evenly distribute the weight of heavy items is also recommended, especially for furnishings on wheels or casters. Take care when moving furniture with wheels by putting a protective barrier between the wheels and the carpet. To extend the beauty and appearance of your carpets, close drapes or blinds during hours of direct sunlight. Exercise extreme caution with all bleaches, tile cleaners, mildew removers, oven cleaners, drain openers and plant food. These are all strong chemicals that can permanently discolor or dissolve carpet fibers.

Carpet Cleaning Recommendations

Even with regular vacuuming, soil particles and oily dirt will cling to carpet fibers. With foot traffic these particles and oily dirt are driven deep into the carpet. Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering always recommends the use of a professional carpet cleaning company periodically. The best method of professional cleaning is a hot water extraction or steam cleaning. This method should be employed at least every 12 to 18 months and more often if necessary. The periodic cleaning, using the hot water extraction method performed by a professional cleaner, will refresh your carpet's appearance and extend the life of your carpet investment. The most frequently used areas such as entrances, doorways, traffic lanes and in front of chairs will collect dirt faster than other areas. Be certain to pay special attention to these areas Clean these areas as they begin to show soil. This will stop dirt from spreading and will extend the time needed between professional cleaning.

Vinyl Flooring Care And Maintenance

Use a non-staining mat on your vinyl floor. Do not put rubber-backed, latex-backed or coco fiber mats on your vinyl floors as they may stain or damage the surface. Keep traffic light or to a minimum during the first 24 hours after the installation of your new vinyl floors so the adhesive can dry properly. If your new floor has been seamed, avoid stepping directly on or near the seam for 24 hours so it can dry undisturbed. Avoid scrubbing or washing your floor for at least 3 days following the installation. Most installation crews will be attentive to leaving any adhesive residue on your new floors. In rare instances, a small amount of adhesive or seam sealer may be left on your new floor. You may clean any adhesive residue with a clean white cloth dampened with mineral spirits Caution: Mineral spirits is flammable. Use extreme caution and read and follow all instructions for safety on the product label Occasionally damp mop the floor with the manufacturers recommended cleaner to remove dirt build-up. As a substitute, 2-3 caps full of clear, non-sudsy ammonia in one gallon of water may be used Using more than the recommended amount of cleaner may leave a dull film on your beautiful new floor. See the professionals at Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering for more information on the proper cleaning and maintenance products.

Ceramic Tile Care And Maintenance

Normal maintenance of glazed floor tile consists of little more than sweeping, vacuuming or dry or damp mopping with clean, clear water. It should not be necessary to use any type of detergent on a glazed tile floor since the detergent can leave a film that will dull the appearance of the tile. In the case of a glazed tile floor with a high gloss finish. one cap full of white vinegar or ammonia can be added to one gallon of warm water to dissipate any water streaks. Try to resist the urge to mop the entire floor as wetting the area will contribute to spreading dirt and dust into the grout lines which will change the grout color. If you must mop the entire floor, change the water often to keep it clean. If a cleaner must be used on a glazed tile floor, a commercial tile cleaner or a solution of soapless detergent may be.

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