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Who is Satolli?

Detailed History of Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering

6000 BC – Evidence of goats and sheep being sheared for wool and hair and then spun and woven.

1480 BC – Evidence of Egyptian fresco of handloom (discovered in 1953).

464 BC – A Pazyryk rug was first woven (discovered in ice filled tomb in outer Mongolia in 1960). The rug has all the characteristics of a modern Persian rug with pile and Ghiordes knots.

carpet weaving 1725

1000 AD – Marco Polo confirms rug making in Central Anatolia.

1550 – Carpet knotting techniques were first exhibited.

1580's – Verularn carpet was made for Queen Elizabeth I. Aubusson carpet center was set up in Beauvair.

1596 – Pierre DuPont first weaves carpets in Palace Royal Pans.

1655 - Carpet factory built in Wilton, England.

1749 – Dufossy family developed method to cut loops of Brussels weave to make a nap in Wilton, England.

1770 - 1795 – Royal Society of Arts presented premiums for the finest carpet. Handmade carpet making flourished and attracted designers across England, France, and the rest of Europe.

steam powered carpet weaving circa 1830

Carpet Mill Yarn Spinner, circa 1890

1791 – The first United States carpet factory opens in Philadelphia.

1801 – Jacquard invents a method of presenting different colored yams to weaving face. This revolutionizes patterned making, a system that is still in use today.

Sorting yarn in a carpet mill, circa 1900

1810 – A decline in hand made carpets occurs due to the Napoleonic War and competition from machine-made carpet manufacturers. More looms are introduced in England and Scotland.

1825 – The second US carpet mill opens in Massachusetts.

1832 – Mr. A Whytock invents a method to print yarn and then weave it into a flat fabric with the design incorporated. This was the beginning of the Tapestry Carpet Loom.

1839 – Erasmus Bigelow of the United States invented a power loom to make double ingrain and large, seamless patterned carpets at a more economic price. Later, it was powered by steam and sold to Scottish and English manufacturers.

1905 – Britons begin to produce carpet from the first power driven wide loom manufacturing carpet in widths of fifteen feet for the first time.

Employees at a carpet milling machine 1935

1940 - 1950 – Tufted carpets are developed in the United States from candle-wick weaving techniques.

1960 – Philip Satolli of Warren, Ohio opens Satolli Carpet.

1993 – Philip Satolli passes away 1993. Eric Thompson purchases the business and Satolli Carpet opens two additional stores in Newton Falls, Ohio and Sharon, Pennsylvania.

1994 - 1999 – Business continues to expand and the satisfied customer base of Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering continues to grow.

2003 – Dwayne Noble passes away.

eric-thompson-satolli-carpet-flooring-warren-ohio2000 – Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering relocates to a larger building next door to their old address. This move more than doubles the size of the showroom and warehouse. Many products and displays are added and the inventory increases, allowing prices to be reduced due to significant volume buying discount.

2009 - Today – Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering continues to grow by serving the customers of the area with high-quality products, large and diverse selection, fair pricing and only the best installation and service.

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