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Spot Cleaning Guide

Spot Cleaning Guide

Treatment of the affected area should begin immediately upon discovery. The more time that elapses before treatment, the more difficult a stain will be to remove. For the best results, you should have a high quality spot remover carpet cleaning kit on hand in your home. Ask your Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering sales professional to recommend one for you.

The best cure for a spill is a fast response. If a spill is allowed to become a stain, it will be much more difficult to remove. Here are some tips for eliminating stains and spills. This method for removing spots, spills or stains before they have an opportunity to set is certainly not foolproof. We recommend with any spill that you contact a professional carpet cleaner. The methods and tips offered below are of a generic nature and not guaranteed to work the same way on every spill or with every fiber type or carpet style.

Three Important Steps

There are three important steps that you must use to treat a stain, hopefully before it has a chance to set in your carpet:


Wet a clean, white (not printed) paper towel with a cleaning solution. Then dampen the carpet with it. Avoid wetting the carpet through to its backing.


Absorb the excess liquid from the carpet by pressing straight down with a clean, dry, white paper towel. Do not rub. Place a half-inch thick pad of clean, dry, white paper towels with a weight on top and leave overnight if necessary.


Gently scratch the soiled area with the blunt edge of a spoon. Scrape from the outside edge of the spot toward the center.

Step 1: Apply a dry cleaning solvent, using a damp towel.
Step 2: Blot-don't rub.
Step 3: Repeat solvent application as above.
Step 4: Blot-don't rub.
Step 5: Apply water with damp towel.
Step 6: Blot again. Finish by weighing down a half-inch thick pad of white paper towels to absorb all the moisture. Leave overnight if necessary.


Step 1: Scrape or blot up excess spill.
Step 2: Apply detergent solution (see "Cleaning Solutions"), use damp towel.
Step 3: Blot-don't rub.
Step 4: Apply white vinegar (undiluted), using a damp towel.
Step 5: Blot-don't rub.
Step 6: Apply pre-soak solution (see "Cleaning Solutions") using a damp towel.
Step 7: Blot again. Finish by weighing down a half-inch thick pad of white paper towels to absorb all the moisture. Leave overnight if necessary.

Cleaning Solutions to have on hand:

1. Detergent: Mix 1/2 teaspoon clear dish-washing detergent with one cup of warm (not hot) water.
2. Pre-soak Solution: Mix 1 teaspoon enzyme laundry detergent (such as Biz, or others) with one cup of water.
3. Dry Powder Cleaner: Use powdered carpet cleaners.
4. Dry Cleaning Solvent: Non-oily, non-caustic type sold as spot removal for garments. Caution: May be flammable.

* Note: Not all carpet fibers react the same way when treated for stains. Before proceeding with any of the preceding cleaning procedures, we recommend you contact the appropriate fiber company for their suggested maintenance guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines may void your warranty. For more information, please contact Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering or a carpet cleaning professional.

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