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2017 Hardwood Design Trends

Shiplap. It’s everyone’s new favorite design trend. Who would have thought that the old-style, Texan decor would make a comeback and inspire the rest of the country to follow suit? Now, hardwoods are being used in twice the amount of space than ever before! Who would have thought that an entire movement would be started by an adorable couple who just enjoy working together? The Gaines family, from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” have transformed the country’s way of thinking about design from specific, exclusive design, to a comfortable, cohesive, and mixable design.

The new design format is to create a cohesive image in layers, so it’s easily changeable and extremely affordable. The biggest part of this design movement is creating the base layer and then adding accents. The base layer is your hardwood floors.
Choosing your base layer is easy if you follow these steps:

1. Color

When you’re looking to add hardwood floors to your home, think about the decor you want to put in the room. Then, think about the clothing you tend to wear. What colors come up the most? For me, I tend to wear black, gray, navy blue, and purple. When I think about design and decor, I tend to gravitate toward teals, grey-blues, purples, and pops of color. When you look at the colors surround my style, you’ll notice a pattern, I like cool colors. Hopefully, when you think about this for yourself, you’ll find a pattern in the styles you like. If you like cool colors, think about going with gray toned floors, rather than black or tan. For warmer colors, think about the traditional rich browns, instead of the cherry and orange colors. Choosing these options give you a wide range of decor selections.

2. Texture

The texture of your floors is important to think about because it can limit your design options in the future if you choose a dramatic finish. Choosing a high-gloss finish will limit your designs to a more modern feel and hand-scraped floors can limit you to a more country-home feel. Rather than limit yourself to one avenue, think about looking into the timeless smooth finish to match cool colors and a wire-brushed finish for the warmer colors.

3. Traffic

When you are ready to make the investment and install hardwood floors, take a minute to pause the excitement. You want to think about the different style options you may want in the future. Your dream kitchen may be the center of every family event or it could be used just by you. If you’re looking to create a central area for the family, it may be best to look at another option. While hardwoods stand up great to foot traffic, they don’t do well under water and other spills. Hardwoods can buckle and even be ruined if someone leaves the sink running or a pipe bursts in the winter. With family, comes children, and we all know that with every ounce of cuteness, there is an ounce of messiness. Spills, skidding across the floor, and chasing pets can wreak havoc on those floors!

4. Cost

Finally, the investment in hardwood floors as you can imagine is more than than that of carpet. Locally, a medium quality hardwood floor runs about $6/sq.ft., and when you’re talking about replacing your hardwoods in 13 ft. by 13 ft. living room, you’re looking at over $1,000* plus labor, versus the $2/sq.ft. for a medium quality of carpet. I don’t want to scare you off from installing hardwoods in your home, because when you look at the cost savings down the road, you’ll be willing to make the investment. With the proper care, hardwood floors can last well over 25 years. On average, carpet normally lasts 10-15 years with the proper care, even though we all have that relative with carpet in their formal living room that’s over 40 years old. Assuming you’re actually going to be walking on your floors, hardwoods stand up against wear and tear at a much different rate than carpet and other flooring options. It may be worth the wait and the budget to upgrade to hardwoods, even though laminate and vinyl are great options too.

When you’re ready to look at hardwood floors for your home, visit us at Satolli Carpet & Floor Covering. We know how to help you select the right floors for your home, and get you the best price for them in the process. While we love return customers, we want to see you happy with the investment you’ve made, and we know that the best way of showing us how much you love your floors is giving us a referral. We’re always happy to help create the home of your dreams!

*This is an approximate price. Your pricing will differ depending on the size and shape of your room, as well as the quality and brand of flooring you choose.

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